TAKE CHARGE is a complete lifestyle modification system that empowers your pharmacy to provide obesity screening, patient education, biometric analysis, and lifestyle counseling.

  • Recover revenue lost to DIR, GER, PBM, and below-cost reimbursements through paid services customers value.

  • Boost your status as a provider in today's healthcare industry.

  • Make a difference in your pharmacy's bottom line as well as the lives of your customers.


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TAKE CHARGE is A Clinical Service that PAYS.

Engage Customers On Their Personal Weight Loss Journey

Community pharmacists are not only one of the most trusted healthcare professionals, but one of the most accessible to patients. TAKE CHARGE equips your pharmacy to provide clinical weight-loss and lifestyle counseling services.

Health Education

Assign health and nutrition lessons that guide patients through the TAKE CHARGE program.

Lifestyle IQ Analysis

Regularly measure progress by tracking weight loss and other changes in biometric data.

Professional Counseling

Meet patients weekly to answer questions, provide support, and celebrate achievements.

TAKE CHARGE is university-tested and proven to increase success for patients working to lose weight, live healthier, and control obesity-related conditions such as hypertension, high cholesterol, and Type 2 diabetes.

Healthcare And The Independent Pharmacy Is Changing

Competition with chain pharmacy is tough. Enhance your status as a healthcare professional and set your pharmacy apart with TAKE CHARGE.


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