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Promoting Take Charge

Make it easy for your patients to learn about Take Charge. Place Take Charge brochures at counters and add real patient stories to your website. You're welcome to use any of the testimonials below.

"I lost 55 pounds and that has been almost 2 years ago. The weight has stayed off! I have more energy. I feel better. My doctor has been thrilled! My bloodwork is always great."

Weight loss: 55 pounds

"I have learned what to eat, what not to eat, how to prepare it. My blood pressure is down and my cholesterol is good. I can walk so much better. I feel so much better."

Weight loss: 79 pounds

"Take Charge has made a difference in how I feel. It is a lifestyle change. It's about portion control, being aware of what you put in, how much you put in and eating healthier."

Weight loss: 58 pounds

"I don't really consider Take Charge a diet. I think it's a lifestyle change. You change the way you eat. You change the way you order at a restaurant. You change the way you snack."

Weight loss: 40 pounds