TAKE CHARGE® Functional Foods

Our philosophy at TAKE CHARGE® is to make nutrition education simple. We differ from our consumer based national competitors in that our goal is NOT to keep our patients on our foods indefinitely. Our foods are used as very effective "crutches" that allow our patients to see results the results that proper nutrition and eating habits can provide, while they learn. Once your patient completes the 13 week course, they begin to replace these "crutches" with nutritional foods that they choose to prepare themselves.

Once the patient completes the program they are still able to purchase the functional foods for their use whenever they are not able to eat good, nutritional foods otherwise.

TAKE CHARGE® foods enable patients to learn good nutritional habits, just as they have learned other valuable lessons in their life... by trial and error. Since our meals contain only 240 calories each and the snacks only 20-50 calories per day, the patient has room to make mistakes while they are learning, but still get positive results.

The functional foods provide the nutrition the patient needs to feel increased energy and stamina even as they decrease their calorie consumption. The foods encourage adherence to the program by showing the results of good nutrition.

TAKE CHARGE® foods contain no herbs, stimulants or appetite suppressants... just nutritionally sound ingredients: FOOD. The TAKE CHARGE® program teaches that the reason diets don't work is simple. Whatever you do to lose weight, you must continue doing in order to keep it off for a lifetime.

As the patient increases their knowledge of food and how it affects their body and their healthy, they are able to replace our foods with the good nutritional alternatives about which they learn throughout TAKE CHARGE® educational materials. At the end of the 13 week course, the patient has the ability to make good choices that enable them to Stay Health for Life!