Consistent Education & Motivation

For most participants, weekly meetings are the highlight of the Take Charge program. You'll meet with your pharmacist regularly for guidance and support. In addition to tracking your progress, he'll let you know what to expect... warning you about difficult times and giving you tips on how to get through them.

Your First Meeting

During the first Take Charge meeting, you and your pharmacist will discuss:

This enables him to personalize the TAKE CHARGE program to meet YOUR needs. At the following meeting, you'll receive a comprehensive evaluation of your current lifestyle and how it is impacting your future health.

Weekly Meetings

Take Charge tracks medical information such as blood pressure, weight, body fat composition, heart rate and sometimes cholesterol levels. Tracking this information, will clearly measure the changes taking place in your body. In many cases, your Take Charge Pharmacist will work hand-in-hand with your primary doctor to adjust medications as needed.

You will also be provided with a Patient Education Manual each week. These manuals guide you through making necessary changes to your daily habits. Your Take Charge Pharmacist will summarize each lesson, helping you set realistic goals you can be excited about.

Extended Consultation

Once you've completed the 13-week program, you will have learned everything you need to know about living a healthy lifestyle. But your transformation will reach well into the future, as you try new foods and activities and enjoy feeling better. You will continue to experience the benefits that come from making healthy choices each and every day. Take Charge Pharmacists will always be available to share your success or provide continued support when you need it.

Many participants choose to continue consultation beyond the 13-week program. Others choose periodic consultation. Just like our bodies are unique to us, so are our needs for guidance and support. Whatever your needs, your Take Charge Pharmacist will be available for you throughout the program and as you continue your lifestyle transformation into the future.