F.E.E.D. Your Patients

Functional Foods
Functional foods are foods with a purpose, foods that provide a health benefit over and beyond the basic nutrients they contain. TAKE CHARGE foods are a convenient way to get proper nutrition for meals and snacks. By utilizing them, the patient is able to get immediate results while taking the time to learn how to eat nutritionally sound foods. Functional foods are gradually replaced with healthy foods.

Education is the cornerstone of the TAKE CHARGE program. Patients are given an educational booklet each week for 13 weeks, each covering a different aspect of how foods work in the body. As their TAKE CHARGE pharmacists and coach, your position is to test and enhance their understanding of the lesson provided.

Most patients who diet, quit their program during the first 3 weeks... because "diets" don't work! Patients get frustrated when their expectations don't match their results. As a TAKE CHARGE pharmacist, you will be able to help patients set realistic goals, they will be excited to achieve. You can help them prepare for successes and disappointments they will encounter as they go through the process of replacing bad habits with healthy routines.

TAKE CHARGE as been designed specifically for pharmacists, one of American's most trusted providers. Patients listen to and trust your direction. Most already know what to do, but the thought of doing it is quite overwhelming. As a TAKE CHARGE pharmacists, you will direct them through the lifestyle modification process, reminding them that weight loss is simply a side effect of making new and healthy choices.